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UMFFinist stands for UMFF(Ulsan Ulju Mountain Film Festival) and Alpinist, with the basic meaning of public ambassador for UMFF.


Actress Go Bo Gyeol has been selected as the 8th Ulsan Ulju Mountain Film Festival UMFFINIST.

Go made her debut in 2013 with the short film Where is My DVD? And has since built her filmography by appearing in various TV series and films. She performed an impressive role as a clever class president in the TV series Guardian, and continued to captivate the audience with a range of charming characters in works such as Queen for Seven Days, Go Back, Hi Bye, Mama!, and The Heavenly Idol.

As someone who enjoys challenging herself through various outdoor sports, Go makes a perfect match with the spirit of UMFF in the beautiful Yeongnam Alps.

Go will make her appearance as the new UMFFINIST on October 20, at the opening ceremony of UMFF 2023.