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ECO Project 2023

The Ulsan Ulju Mountain Film Festival aims to become a film festival working together with nature, doing so by making efforts to bring an enjoyable festival amid beautiful nature while minimizing our footprint.

We hope everyone at the festival comes to value the environment through every aspect of the festival. There will be various eco-friendly programs throughout the festival, including the upcycling and pre-cycling projects, which will provide souvenirs and rest areas, as well as the pristine scenery from around the world being screened.

First steps for the environment

Discover a festival that shares eco-friendly values through various programs. You will not only enjoy a film festival within nature, but also experience programs that will help you think and act for nature.

Screening films using energy generated by pedaling bicycles, the “ECO Bike Cinema”

The Ulsan Ulju Mountain Film Festival, in collaboration with the Ulsan UNIST researchers, presents Asia’s first eco friendly energy screening theater using bicycles.
You can bike to produce energy while watching a film at the UMFF Cinema during the film festival.

Dig out those old shirts from the closet to create a new custom printed shirt in the “My T-shirt is not Dead” workshop.

If you have hiking clothes you’re not using but would like them to get good use, bring them to the “21% Closet” for donations and exchanges.

The bottle cap upcycling program lets you melt discarded bottle caps to create new products. Transform plastic waste into essential items in life in this experience.

Zero Garbage

For nature preservation, our food and beverage areas do not allow gas cookers and provide reusable container rental and collection services to reduce use of disposable waste. Join the “Bring Your Container Challenge” by bringing your own tumblers and containers. There will be a surprise event.

The food and beverage areas provide clean drinking water filtered through Brita, which doesn’t use any disposable items or electricity. UMFF will have the water ready. Just bring your tumblers.

Upcycling & Pre-cycling

We are preparing promotional materials using upcycled and pre-cycled materials. IDEUNWORKS joins UMFF again this year to plan and produce upcycled promotional materials. This year, we will use last year’s materials to create parasols and sunbeds to be used throughout the festival.

The “Ulsan Artist’s Road” will showcase new artwork by Ulsan artists, created using promotional works from 2022.

Rebirth of Construction Equipment

The festival grounds are created using scaffolding structures that are assembly-friendly and reusable.
Come and check out how our scaffolding, which have been in use since 2018, has been transformed with a new design this year!

A film festival in tandem with nature

UMFF provides various experience programs where you can personally try out mountain sports and be immersed in nature. Participate in the “Hike up, Pick up” program, where you can create junk art with trash collected during a hike, to truly display your love for the mountain and nature.

You can enjoy nature, while learning how to contribute to the environment.