UMFF 2023. 10. 20 - 10. 29

UMFF 2023 본문

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Graphic Designer: JANG Woo-seok

To symbolize the significance of the 8th UMFF, where Ulsan and Ulju join forces, I’ve taken the “U” from Ulsan and Ulju (symbolize by “O” in Korean), to create both the number “8” and the infinity symbol. This design encapsulates the convergence of Ulsan and Ulju in UMFF, as well as the potential and the dynamics of the film festival.

Video Director: Kim Yang-ryung

As long as the mountain stands, men will continue striving to conquer it. Whether alone or with others… men continue to challenge themselves up the mountain. The trailer for the 8th Ulsan Ulju Mountain Film Festival tells the story of “mountains and challenges.” Each scene leaves a profound impression on viewers with breathtaking views of nature, and with stories of men taking rugged steps as they embark on remarkable challenges. Nature encourages men to continuously challenge themselves. Men also create endless challenges for themselves. Come up higher! The video captures the dynamic and diverse aspects of this ongoing journey as we ascend further and higher.