UMFF 2022 본문

UMFF is always with you

UMFF 2022  /   Umffinist


UMFFinist stands for UMFF (Ulju Mountain Film Festival) and Alpinist, with the basic meaning of public ambassador for UMFF.
Past UMFFinists included actress Lee Da-hee, climber Kim Ja-in, actor Seo Jun-young, mountaineer Kim Chang-ho, and actresses Ye Ji-won, An So-hee, Jin Ki-joo, and So Yoo-jin.
Mountaineer Um Hong-gil has been a part of UMFF since the Pre-festival, and remains our honorary UMFFinist.

UM Hong-gil

Having been a part of the UMFF since its very beginning, Um Hong-gil returns this year as UMFF’s honorary UMFFinist. As our honorary UMFFinist, Um continues to find different ways to promote the festival and encourage mountaineers to participate.

Park Gyu-ri

Dynamic actress, singer, and DJ, Park Gyu-ri continues to develop herself by tackling artistic activities for the environment. Not afraid of new challenges and confident in appearance, Park Gyu-ri resembles Ulju Mountain Film Festival with her spirit of aspiration and love of nature.