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UMFF is always with you

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Artist : EunKyoung An

The 7th Ulju Mountain Film Festival’s official poster by EunKyoung An captures the theme of “A Journey for Recovery”, capturing our journey to the film festival this spring. It aims to comfort all those who are tired and beat, awaiting new excitements. A journey provides relaxation and invigoration by its own virtue and is not dependent on the destination. We hope that your journey to the festival during the springtime becomes a time of healing and relaxation.
An artist representing Ulsan, EunKyong An joins us in the 7th Ulju Mountain Film Festival. Working with the theme “Journey for Recovery”, An is actively engaged in various art venues, including painting, video, installation art, and 3D art.

  • Director : YangRyeong Kim
  • Young Son : WooRok Choi
  • Grown Son : Wonhee Lee
  • Father : KwangJu Song

The trailer for the 7th Ulju Mountain Film Festival aims to convey the comforting thoughts and emotions provided by the mountain that is “Always with You”.
A father takes his young son to the mountain, and the grown son returns to make the same trip.
The mountain greets the son with many emotions, no longer simply a tall mountain to cross.
The mountain remains the same, but the people climbing it all have their own thoughts.
We hope this trailer delivers the soothing comforts of mother nature to all who are toiling during these hard times.