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Eco-friendly Drive-in UMFF in Yeongnam Alps Welcome Center from 4. 2. (Fri) to 4. 11. (Sun).

Admission for Drive-in UMFF is available from 1 hour prior to the screenings on a first come first-served basis. Sedans and SUVs will be parked in different sections.
Once parked, turn off your engines and roll down the windows to listen to the sounds from outside. There will be no food truck nor snack bar. Please take back any leftover food and garbage you brought. If you must leave during the screening, please turn your headlights off until the exit.

Ticket for Drive-in UMFF

Type Drive-in UMFF Ticket
Price 5,000 KW
Payment Credit card, Kakao pay, Naver pay, Ulsanpay, Culture Nuri Card
Note 1 vehicle (Sedan/SUV)

To print your ticket, scan the QR code on your booking confirmation text at the self-ticketing machine at the entrance of the Drive-in UMFF.
Cancellation must be made by midnight one day before the screening.