My Green Mountain

FESTIVAL PROGRAM  /  Viewing in Nature  /   4월 2일

Viewing in Nature

This year’s Ulju Mountain Film Festival spotlights a mountain and mountaineer in an exhibition.

UMCA Exhibition

Catherine DESTIVELLE dominated sports climbing and alpine climbing from the late 80s through the 90s. Through her eyes, watch the unparalleled, brilliant achievements of DESTIVELLE, recipient of the Ulju Mountain Culture Awards 2020.

  • Time : Mar. 8(Mon) ~ Apr. 6(Tue))
  • Venue : Yeongnam Alps Experience House

Climber - CANADA Exhibition

Canada is the subject of the 6th Ulju Mountain Film Festival’s Special Exhibition. Join UMFF Square to be the first to learn about the characters in the films from the “Rockies - CANADA” section.

  • TimeApr. 2(Fri) ~ Apr. 6(Tue)
  • Venue : Climbing Center Square

Aurora - CANADA Exhibition

US NASA “Astronomy Picture of the Day” astrophotographer Kwon, O Chul presents a marvelous aurora show. “Aurora - CANADA Exhibition” can only be experienced in the “Rockies - CANADA” section. Come visit before the “Rockies - CANADA” films. Before Rockies-CANADA’s film screening, The exhibition video will be shown