UMFF 2021 본문

My Green Mountain

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We hope to tell the story of life and nature of man using mountain films.

As the only mountain film festival in Korea, the Ulju Mountain Film Festival aims to collect and introduce today’s important mountain films from around the world, as a platform to investigate the trends and flow of current mountain culture.

Another goal is to portray people as we live along with nature. There will be trials and conquests, cravings and adventures, challenges and failures - and also successes, conflict and coexistence. Amid it all, we will think about the never ending, nay, soaring life.

We aim to become a cooperative film festival.

We hope the mountaineer, the cineaste, and the audience all participate to create together one film festival. Encourage one another, and learn from each other. Let’s climb the mountain together, and become a film festival that produces and shares films.