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The 7th Ulju Mountain Film Festival Award-winning films Announcement수상작 보러가기
Grand Prize
<After Antarctica>
Tasha Van Zandt

USA | 2021 | 105min | Color | Documentary

Best Alpinism & Climbing Film

USA | 2020 | 22min | B&W | Documentary

Best Adventure & Exploration Film

Canada | 2021 | 72min | Color | Documentary

Best Nature & People Film

Russia | 2021 | 63min | Color | Documentary

Special Jury Prize
Joke Olthaar

Netherlands | 2021 | 79min | Color, B&W | Documentary

Asian Competition
<Without You>
Park Jae-hyun

Korea | 2021 | 34min | Color | Fiction

Special Youth Jury Award
<A Fire Inside>
Justin Krook, Luke Mazzaferro

Australia | 2021 | 90min | Color | Documentary


올해 울주세계산악영화제의 국제경쟁 부문에서는 총 18개국 30편의 작품이 상영되었습니다. 저마다의 주제의식으로 자연과 인간의 관계를 성찰하고 모험과 도전의 의미를 되묻는 작품들은, 해를 넘겨 계속되고 있는 팬데믹 상황 속에서 모두의 지친 마음에 위로를 전하며, 지금 우리의 모습을 다시금 돌아보게 하였습니다. 오랜 심사숙고와 열정적인 토론을 통해 선정된 다섯 편의 작품과 한 편의 특별언급 작품을 통해 여섯 명의 심사위원들이 그랬듯, ‘그럼에도 불구하고’ 앞으로 나아갈 용기를 얻고, 다음 세대에도 이어져야 할 자연에 대해 함께 생각하는 시간이 되길 바랍니다.

Grand Prize
After Antarctica Tasha Van Zandt

In the eighties as the first signals of climate change became evident, an international expedition sets out to collect data while crossing the Antarctic continent to corroborate these early warnings. Thirty years later the camera accompanies the former expedition leader and explorer Will Steger as he sets out for a solo adventure to the arctic. He reflects on his most famous journey when they didn’t know yet that the changes, they witnessed in Antarctica would have an irreversible impact on the rest of the planet. The well-preserved original footage of the 1989 expedition also reveals political importance when people from six different nationalities work together in close harmony and thus achieve their common dream. Which makes this film against the backdrop of the current international crisis - besides the ecological issues - most urgent. This film continues to fascinate till the very end when during the credits lingering questions are answered. (Toon Hezemans)

Best Alpinism & Climbing Film
A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Ground Henna Taylor

This is an important film and gives the message for every climber who has experienced trauma and grief through interviews with climbers and alpinists. This film does a great job of capturing their stories with love. Grief brings myriad of emotions and paths on how to navigate life, a reminder that we need to normalize grief through open dialogue. (Han In-suk)

Best Adventure & Exploration Film
La Liste: Everything or Nothing Eric Crosland

The film shows a new dimension of alpine steep face skiing on the high mountains of the world. The authenticity with which the freeskiers Jérémie Heitz and Sam Anthamatten are portrayed enables the viewer to enter into a relationship with the two protagonists and to understand what drives them. Namely, a motivation that is not based solely on the pursuit of success, but rather on an existential passion and the happiness that comes from living this very passion. At the same time, the film also celebrates friendship on the mountain: Sam Anthamatten and J?r?mie Heitz are soul mates who are also successful because they share their passion. Unintentionally, the film also pulls back the curtain on what goes on behind the scenes of mountain filmmaking by making the serious accident of a cameraman part of the story. Both his rescue and recovery raise questions that are otherwise dealt with behind the camera. The vulnerability of all involved becomes visible in these ? as well as other ? scenes, allowing the people to emerge even more behind the athletes. Knowing that the mountain is always more powerful than men or women, the athletes move without false pride on a ridge between courage and humility, audacity and prudence and let great things come out of it. Great things, which this film shows in a visually appealing and formally balanced way which makes them comprehensible for a broad audience. (Caroline Fink)

Best Nature & People Film
When the Snow Melts Down Aleksey Golovkov

Following an elderly man, a hermit living in deep snowy mountains, and a young woman who lives and travels in the city, this film engages audience to ponder on us human beings inhabiting this planet earth. On the outside, the contrast between the life out in the wilderness ? the way humans have lived for the last several thousands of years - and the life in the bustling cities is strikingly stark as if they are living in two different planets; on the inside, however, the sense of loneliness and yearning those people feel is not so different. The paradoxical truth is revealed: at the end of the day, the familial relationship makes us happy not where we live. This documentary poses important questions on where we stand in the long history of mankind and how we should live our life going forward. Here, the beacon of hope - however small and dim it may be ? is found in the family solidarity that will fight off loneliness and bring forth the will to live on. (Kim Sung-ho)

Special Jury Prize
BERG Joke Olthaar

Olthaar provides a formal beauty of the mountain itself in an expressionistic way for us. BERG is an eulogy for the inaccessible dignity of the huge mountain. She depicts human figure on the mountainside as a tiny spot and makes us focus on some visually striking scenes by ruling out voice-over narration. (Jay Jeon)

Without You Park Jae-hyun

For a tender portrait of an elderly couple during the time of COVID-19, full of hope and joy, with authentic, moving performances.

Special Youth Jury Award
A Fire Inside Justin Krook, Luke Mazzaferro

A Fire Inside did more than simply introduce the damage and impact of Australia’s wildfires. It helped us realize that charity and volunteering are ultimately comforting to those imparting them. The film also well captures the theme and significance of Ulju Mountain Film Festival, with the power to change one’s personal values. We hope more people are able to watch this film with our support.