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PROGRAM  /   2021 Awards

The 6th Ulju Mountain Film Festival Award-winning films Announcement
Grand Prize
The Wall of Shadows
Best Alpinism & Climbing Film
Everest - The Hard Way
Best Adventure & Exploration Film
Into the Storm
Best Nature & People Film
Special Jury Prize
Kim Hye-mi
Overall Comments (MO Eun-young)

30 films from 18 countries were screened in competition at Ulju Mountain Film Festival 2021. Films that contain respective identities as they reflect on the relationship between nature and humans and pose questions about the meaning of adventure and challenge comforted our hearts, exhausted from living through a pandemic, and enabled us to look back at how we are now. Five films were chosen as award-winners and one received a special mention after deliberation and passionate discussion, and we hope that these films will give you the courage to go on ‘nevertheless’ and the opportunity to think about nature, which should continue to the next generation, as they did for us, the jury.

Grand Prize
The Wall of Shadows Director Eliza KUBARSKA

The director has created a brilliant mountain film with unparalleled narrative tension and outstanding cinematography where the often untold dilemma of Sherpa families is brought to the forefront. The film challenges the viewer to rethink sacrifices local communities endure when faced with making difficult choices about whether to risk their lives to aid in the success of others. For exceptional storytelling in the art of documentary filmmaking, the UMFF 2021 jury is delighted to award the Grand Prize to Eliza Kubarska for The Wall of Shadows.>

Best Alpinism & Climbing Film
Everest - The Hard Way Director Pavol BARABAS

알The historical value of the ‘The Hard Way’ expedition of the Southwest Face of Everest in 1988, a milestone in the history of alpinism, the images of legendary climbers, dramatic scenes, and archive material are well balanced while times of suffering and endurance and the true meaning of climbing are blended into the storytelling through interviews with survivors.

Best Adventure & Exploration Film
Into the Storm Director Adam BROWN

We were deeply impressed by this documentary's portrayal of overcoming hardship and the importance of family, as well as its powerful cinematography. The many years of effort turned in by the director has resulted in an unusually involving portrait of a remarkable boy, and an inspiring message of hope.

Best Nature & People Film
The Magnitude of All Things Director Jennifer ABBOTT

The sounds of people talking about climate change come together like a chorus. This film is made all the more sorrowful because of the beauty of nature seen along the way and it tells us that nature, which we are destroying, is also the very thing that can heal us.

Special Jury Prize
Climbing Director KIM Hye-mi

Unlike most stories about Climbing developed into a positive way with courage and fear, this unusual animated film noir deals climbing with pregnancy in a very creative way. High tension, Rich layers, haunting images, an excellent portrayal of a woman’s struggling between career and just being herelf.

Special Mention
The Tough Director Marcin POLAR

Adventure always means explore the unknown future fearlessly. This is a very short film with an epic journey. The immersive image is followed by a surprising ending, Very joyful to watch.