UMFF 2024. 9. 27 - 10. 1

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Screening Program  /   Asian Competition

Wheels On The Bus

Wheels On The Bus

  • Nepal
  • 2022
  • 16min
  • Fiction
  • color


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  • 10.22 SUN17:30
    Alps Cinema 3
  • 10.25 WED10:00
    Umff Cinema
  • 10.26 THU10:00
    Umff Cinema


After being bullied into making iron wheels for his upper-caste peers, BHYAL(12), a lower caste black-smith boy, and his friend LABA are compelled to break social conventions by taking matters into their own hands. 


​*Oct, 22th(Sun) UMFF Talk 'A glimpse into Nepalese society'​(Korean)
Speaker Eonyang High School Students(UMFF Asian Competition Youth Jury), Entertainer Sujan Shakya​
Date/Time Oct. 22(Sun) 17:30 *UMFF Talk will be set after the screening
Venue Alps Cinema 3​ 

*UMFF Talk(Korean)
Speaker Jang Da-na(UMFF Programmer)
Date/Time Oct. 25(Wed) 10:00, Oct. 26(Thu) 10:00 *UMFF Talk will be set before the screening
Venue UMFF Cinema​


[Surya Shashi, Director​]

Many forms of social injustices have been made illegal in Nepal, but the residue of these traditions still prevails today. This film tells a story of injustice through the eyes of a child and questions the ideals and values that we so delusively believe we uphold. 



Surya Shashi

He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a BA in International Studies from Elon University, USA, works part-time as an acting teacher at Oscar International College of Film Studies in Kathmandu. Currently doing master in Film Direction at Stony Brook University, USA. 


Prabin Kumar Pawat, Sushant Shrestha, Rajesh Prasad Khatri, Surya Shashi
Man Bahadur Tamata, Hari Budha
Rajesh Prasad Khatri, Surya Shashi
Robin Dahal
Ashma Pokharel, Nimesh Shrestha
Bipin Archarya
Amit Shrestha, Samrat Khanal