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Focus - Always with you

This year’s Ulju Mountain Film Festival slogan is 'Always with You'. The 'You' we must be with can refer to friends, family, or the area in which we live. The nature with which we must coexist has also become an important 'You'. This slogan section will be divided into the categories 'Always with Nature' and 'Always with Ulsan'. The first is a collection of various forms and stories about nature, and the latter introduces a film capturing every nook and cranny of Ulsan.

Always with Nature
Wood. Game-Changers Undercover - The reportage for destruction of nature
A Fire Inside - Climate crisis fires
How to Kill a Cloud - Does nature controlled by human technology?
Aya - Sea level rise
Captain Nova - Combination of environmental degradation and time machine 
Fire Season - California wildfire
Shari - Japan's climate change and people

Always with Ulsan
Village Heroes
Sea, Photo Studio
Second Place​ ​

*Special Screening 'Always with Dogs'
International Competition Section Walking Before Walking: Field Notes from Introducing an Infant to the World
Together Section​ A Wish Upon a Satellite
Panorama Section​ A Dog's Tale