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Focus - Prequel: Poland

The country of focus at next year’s Ulju Mountain Film Festival is Poland. It is the ninth largest country in Central Europe, with a diverse natural environment ranging from some 10,000 lakes to deserts. It is also wreaked with a painful history of social system changes, colonial rule, and independence. Well known as a mountainous country, it is home to many mountain climbers, including the monumental climber Jerzy Kukuczka. We bring you a taste of Poland this year through the following films: #TO_BE, about the activities of mountaineers like Andrzej Bargiel and this year’s Ulju Mountain Culture Award recipient Krzysztof Wielicki; Doo Sar. A Karakoram Ski Expedition Film, a documentary that captures the lives of Polish people in the countryside and the sea; and 1970, a controversial 2021 film about a painful history of resistance.