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UMFF Project - ALL

UMFF Project is a production support program by Ulju Mountain Film Festival, consisting of Ulju Summit, an expert production support program, and Uljumentary, a documentary production support program for the general public. Ulju Summit was started in 2015, and since then has released world premiere films every year. Many of the films were awarded at mountain film festivals abroad or released in theaters in Korea. This year’s films are the documentary Land of Demons, which talks about the environment through the folktales from Jeju and Iran, and the fiction One’s Family Gravesite, the story of a naturalized Korean woman from Uzbekistan trying to become a 'true' Korean. 

Uljumentary(a compound word mixing Ulju and documentary) is a media education and support program hosted by Ulju Mountain Film Festival and Ulsan Community Media Center. Through this project, films are released at the Ulju Mountain Film Festival and later introduced at other film festivals in Korea. This year, Uljumentary created a total of four short documentaries, with two about the people and region of Ullju, and two about their own stories. 

We hope that all 6 UMFF projects gain a wide audience.