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Starting this year, the Panorama Section will be a little different from simply introducing films in the mountain film category. Michael Dillon, Arnold Fanck, and Kim Hong-bin share a love for the mountain. Their love can be seen in three films: Everest – Sea to Summit(1992) by Michael Dillon, who was selected as this year’s mountain film director at the 2022 International Alliance for Mountain Film and has been steadily making films about Sir Edmund Hillary, Mountain of Destiny, the world’s first feature length silent mountain film, together with music by the Sooyoung Chin​ Cinema Ensemble for the first time in Korea, and Kim Hong-bin, the final recording of the late Kim Hong-bin. 

Following the films, we will introduce various activities and lives of women through 'A Rainbow of Women'. Stories about reaping success by sowing aspiration and exertion unfold through films such as: a story about overcoming a disability after a tragic accident while climbing the Yosemite wall, a world champion ice climber’s treatment at home, the coming of age of a promising climber, and the undertaking of an extreme skiing course by three friends. There are also stories about a Lebanese woman taking a journey for her future, a girl coming to maturity through her father’s farm, and a monologue of an elderly woman living alone in the deep mountains of Andes. Come and meet the colorful lives of different women.


A Rainbow of Women
My Upside Down World
An Accidental Life
She is the Ocean
Mind Over Mountain
Trumpets in the Sky